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All of us at Edwina's, her friends and family, and her beloved dog Rosie will miss Carole.  She was a dear friend to so many.  R.I.P.












We lost acadianchild an September 4, 2012 suddenly without warning. 

Crystal was born with Turner's Syndrome, a genetic condition that affects girls,

and leads to many other health issues.  She rose above her illness

to become a wonderful woman, a great friend, and an adored daughter, sister, and aunt.

  Here is what Crystal said about herself two years ago.......

"I have Turner's Syndrome, and I am doing just fine. My parents were told at my birth

that I wouldn't be able to go to kindergarten. Well, 33 years later, I have a bachelor's

and master's in history, teaching certification in Social Studies, and in December

will have teacher certification in Library Science. I think I made it through kindergarten :) .

I would just like to offer supprt and hope for people with Turner's Syndrome or parents

of girls with Turner's Syndrome. Don't let anyone try to limit you or them!

It's amazing what we can do!"


We will miss you very much, acad




A Memorial To Our Friend Angi Billings (Goddess)

Who passed away June 30, 2012

She will be fondly remembered for her sassiness, brash sense of humor,

and being a great friend to all of us.  Angi had been with us at Edwina's since the

beginning in 2006, and some of us knew her even before that at DBSA. 

Rest in Peace, Angi



In Memory of Our Friend Milo

Who We Lost in September, 2011

Milo was a gentle soul and a friend to everyone.  We miss him very much.



 Memorial Tribute to Tony Brown, aka Crazy_1

07/29/1959 - 01/29/2011

A beloved member of our online community

Tony will be remembered by us for his gentle humor, kindness, and helpful nature. 

Bless you friend, and rest in peace.







Dear Donna (aka Edwina509) and all from chat,
We can't begin to tell you how grateful we are that Kurt (Mac) had you all to talk to. As hard and horrible this has been, we understand there was nothing 
anyone could have done but knowing he had your support means the world to us. Thank you so much for calling the police and knowing there was soemthing wrong. The plant is beautiful. His mom has it at her house. We all will look out for and make his 3 kids our first priority. Thank you all so much. Kim (Kurt's sister)





 In Memory of Our Chat Friend Congo.  His sudden departure from this earth left a void for all of us.  You are missed, aladinsane.


Whom We Lost Last Year  -  You Are Missed A Lot