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Ever thought you may have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)?  You can take this quick quiz to find out.



If you are a bpd person, one of the most promising treatments is DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy).  If you are interested in trying this therapy yourself, there is a an online course of study.  Its in pdf format and is a rather large file, so be patient for it to load.


A newer website which bills itself as " a group of individuals, both male and female, who have decided to bring together a community for mental health, a community that is NOT enabling and allows those who are actively progressing in their healing to continue with the support of others."  Jena, the founder asked that we provide a link for those who want to check out the site, which is called A Brilliant Madness.

She further states....

"It is our mission to provide a safe place for people to come to discuss with others like them their issues and problems. We are a supportive community, that strives to provide a healthy atmosphere for all members."



A fan of the site, Michelle, sent this link for alternative therapies



A 10 minute meditation exercise for bipolar people


Mel_D passed along this helpful website for bipolar women who are or are considering becoming pregnant.  A look at various bipolar disorder medications and therapies and their impact on pregnancy, breast-feeding and the child.


Julie Fast, author of several books on bipolar disorder, now has started podcasts online.  To listen to her talk about and answer questions about depression and anxiety, go to



 Two sites recently contacted us and added us to their list of links, so we are reciprocating.  They both look like useful sites.

This site is full of good information and resources on all things bipolar:  



Drug Information

- is a comprehensive Web site featuring extensive information about medications, drug interactions, and drug side effects.




Thanks to someone i know for finding this neat site.  Its called Bipolar TV from webMD.


Need help coping and getting thru the holidays?  Author Julie Fast has written a comprehensive guide just for you.  Download it here......



A fellow bper has written a new book called Blessed With Bipolar.  To read excerpts from it and order it if you like, go to


 Sarah from  has written an e-book called The Bipolar Diet.  I read it and it is very informative and interesting.  She has well researched guides to proper nutrition for us bpers, as well as foods that should be avoided.  And lots more.  Check it out here:


She also has given free access to her e-book The Bipolar Toolkit.    It explains how to use 3 really useful tools for managing bipolar disorder: 1) mood charts 2) wellness plans, and 3) treatment contracts. It has templates, examples and checklists to make it easy to use the tools.  go to

and click on the Bipolar Toolkit link.





 The following site is dedicated to educating people about service dogs for people with mental illness:


Dbsa has a podcast you can listen to concerning service dogs:


DBSA also has podcasts for many other subjects.  Check them out at



Ocam recommends this site .  It provides relaxation and meditation techniques and visualizations.



Here is a website that is good for comparing different meds and side effects.  There is a section for anti-depressants, but also many other meds that you might use.



A really good site  for relevant articles pertaining to our illnesses:




A lady named Ann Hertel has a very informative, enlightening, and professional looking blog about her adventures in bipolar.  She would like anyone interested to visit and offer feedback. Click on the banner below to go there:



A site with lots of interesting articles on bipolar disorder and depression:



 Julesy provided this website concerning the use of restraints and seclusion for mentally ill patients.  It is very interesting and if you click on the  "Take Action" page, you can relate your own experience. 

Julesy wrote, "At NAMI San Diego we are working to end the use of seclusion and restraints since the death of my boss's brother, in seclusion and restraints, last April. His, unfortunately, is only one of many tragic stories. There's a place on the site for people to share their stories and it is my hope that some of our chatters might feel compelled to do so. "



'The people who run this website contacted us and asked permission to link to us, so we thought we would return the favor.

It is a privately run site with lots of information and resources on bipolar/ and depression.  Please check them out



Ever wonder what kind of personality you are?  A couple of us took this test and found it dead on accurate.  Go ahead and try it yourself. 

When you finish and get your personality type, go here for more detailed analysis:

Still want to read more about this remarkable test? is a wonderful site run by a fellow bper.  It is informative, interesting and entertaining.  Topics include: Treatment and treatment centers, advice on applying for disability, diets, chatrooms (including us!), and many many more.  Please check it out, and leave a message for Sarah that we sent you.  is a really good site for learning to cope. It is run by Julie Fast, a recognized expert and author of books about bipolar disorder.



 Seroquel has been possibly linked to some illnesses.  Marty passed along this link if you think seroquel may have harmed you.  We take no responsibility as to the validity or integrity of this website.  Use your own discretion.



An excellent site for obtaining info on your meds and all kinds of other stuff:


 Highly Recommended Resources

If you are suicidal, please call this number and talk to someone who cares and can help. The National Hotline (which links callers to local crisis centers) is: 1-800-SUICIDE

Websites (alphabetically):

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

American Psychiatric Association

American Psychological Association

The Bruce Hedges Center

Columbia University Department of Psychiatry

Columbia University Lyme Disease Research Studies

Columbia University Medical Center

Columbia University TeenScreen program

Covenant House or 1-800-999-9999 for youth who need immediate help and have nowhere else to turn.

Department of Neuroscience

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Depression and Related Affective Disorders Association

Dr. John Grohl's Psych Central

Dr. Terman's Heathology videocast

Fountain House

International Center for Clubhouse Development

National Institute of Mental Health

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression

National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association

National Foundation for Depressive Illness, Inc.

National Mental Health Association

New York-Presbyterian Department of Psychiatry

New York State Psychiatric Institute

Postpartum Support International

SAMHSA's National Mental Health Information Center

Washington Heights Community Service

Weill Medical College of Cornell University Department of Psychiatry


Seasonal Affective Disorder information;

Two sources of info about EMDR, a therapy proven effective especially for PTSD and anxiety



The following link concerns DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), a promising treatment for some emotional disorders, especially Borderline Personality Disorder.


For those who appreciate the more lighthearted aspect of mental illness, Baco has submitted the following humor links:










 Follow up reading for our topic chat on relationships:  anxiety and relationships    relationships in general   supporting others



Su2 sent in this helpful link from NAMI.  It lists individual meds and contacts to get them free or low cost:


More Links For Obtaining Free or Low Cost Meds:

























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